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Today is the day! Behind The Red Carpet premieres tonight at 9PM ET on CBC’s doc channel

We are so excited to announce that Behind The Red Carpet will have its television broadcast premiere on CBC’s documentary channel tonight (Feb 23rd) at 9PM ET.  We will be live tweeting tonight – we hope you will join us.  Also, please tune in today at 4:05PM on The Todd Shapiro Show on Sirius XM Radio as we promote our doc – catch Natasha Koifman, Chris Jancelewicz and Casie Stewart.  Thanks for the love and support!


I love Eli Gold and you’ll love him in our doc!

One of my favourite shows on television is The Good Wife….actually it is one of my must-watch shows of all time!  I am such a fan of Ridley Scott’s work.  So when I learned that Alan Cumming (Eli Gold) was going to be on the red carpet of the AMFAR gala…I was over the moon.  I have loved Alan since his role in Golden Eye (James Bond Franchise).  We are so lucky to have had the opportunity to interview him and include him in our documentary Behind The Red Carpet.  He certainly made me laugh…!