Barking Frog Productions is an award-winning Canadian production company that focuses on
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About Barking Frog Productions

Michelle Daides – Founder & Filmmaker

Michelle pic BF web siteMichelle started acting at a very young age.  She was fortunate enough to attend a performing arts high school where she studied dramatic arts.  As part of the program, Michelle tried her hand at producing and directing and instantly realized she preferred being behind the stage as well as the camera.  She felt a certain kind of rush she had never felt before.

She received her degree in Mass Communications and French from York University and later attended Ryerson University for their Film & Video Program.

After owning and running her own theatre production company where she wrote, directed and produced several plays, she decided to extend her creative passions to film and television. Michelle worked at a leading, global product placement agency for many years and headed up the publicity and promotions department.

In August 2003, Michelle founded her own company, MD Media Inc., a boutique video production, public relations, and marketing firm.  Shortly after, Michelle also started her production company Barking Frog Productions.

Throughout her career, Michelle has written, produced and directed numerous corporate videos, commercials and films which have received various grants and awards.

Barking Frog Productions recently co-produced Behind The Red Carpet which marks Michelle’s feature-length directorial debut.  Behind The Red Carpet will air on the CBC’s documentary channel in February 2015.  The film is currently available on iTunes, Xbox, Sony, and Google.


Barking Frog Productions is Canadian production company passionate about the creative process but hyper-focused on marketability and viability within an ever-changing landscape of film, television and digital. We are passionate about interesting characters as well as untold stories so that our viewers are engaged and want more! We invest in extensive research and planning before we embark on any new project. We pride ourselves on our bright and inventive production teams, strategic partners and world renowned distributors. We hope to captivate you... Take a look at some of our exciting film/TV projects.

Behind the Red Carpet

15 seconds of fame = 1000 hours of planning, 10 days of mayhem and 0 hours of sleep!

Behind The Red Carpet will have its Canadian Broadcast Premiere on CBC’s Documentary Channel in February 2015

Genre: Documentary
Format: HD
Running Time: 60 or 90 minutes
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1
Writer/Director/Producer: Michelle Daides
Cinematographer/Editor/Producer: Tom Strnad
Distributor: The Fremantle Corporation


In a world of smoke and mirrors, we expose the movers, shakers and key players who puppeteer the brightest talent and engineer the most exclusive events during one of the biggest film festivals in the world.


Natasha Koifman (appearing as herself) – Publicist
George Pimentel (appearing as himself) – Celebrity Photographer
Casie Stewart (appearing as herself) – Blogger
Chris Jancelewicz (appearing as himself) – Journalist
Pierre Jutras (appearing as himself) – Venue Operator


I have had the honour and pleasure of working TIFF for the last decade as a publicist. In this capacity, I not only had the privilege of working with and meeting celebrities from around the globe but I also worked alongside the phenomenal people who orchestrate the red carpet. Beyond the frenzy of the screaming fans and flashing lights, all of the excitement and mayhem happens behind the red carpet. I wanted to highlight, celebrate and expose the interesting characters, personalities and egos involved in the world of smoke and mirrors. Behind The Red Carpet has allowed me to take my creative passion of filmmaking and combine it with my experiences as a publicist and talent wrangler. I think audiences will be intrigued by all of the planning and countless sleepless hours that goes into staging one of the biggest film festivals in the world.

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Death and the Housewife

Jane’s life has been one repetitive bad note but now the music will finally free her.

Death and the Housewife won the Platinum Remi Award for Best Live Action Short at the 2009 Houston WorldFest Film Festival. The film also received funding from BravoFact and the NFB.

Genre: Short dramatic film
Format: HD
Running Time: 4 mins
Writer/Director/Producer: Michelle Daides
Executive Producer/Editor: Tom Strnad
Producer: Leslie Ann Coles
Cinematographer: Boris Mojsovski


Leslie Ann Coles
Egidio Tari
Allison Cruise
Noah Ryan Scott
Teimour Sadykhov
Dorothy Pellerin
Gretchen Anner
Roufat Amiraliev


A woman trapped in her uninspired life as a housewife finally finds an escape while attending the symphony.

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nfbbravo remi

In the Stars

When you’ve got nothing…you’ve got to believe in something

In the Stars won the Gold Remi Award at Houston World Fest in 2006.  The film also premiered at the Montreal World Film Festival in 2006.

Genre: Short dramatic film
Format: 35mm
Running Time: 9 mins
Writer/Producer: Michelle Daides
Executive Producer/Editor: Tom Strnad
Executive Producer: Kari Hollend
Director: Darrin Brown
Cinematographer: Boris Mojsovski


Lindy Booth
Jonathan Cheery
Adam Brazier
Don Allison
Nicole Crimi
Alexander Shishis


A young woman who has lead her entire life according to the stars relives her difficult past on her wedding day thus discovering her unproductive dependency on astrology.

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